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Used in the interior décor sector, especially showrooms and design centers, our Hangers can be made in any shape or size, designed and made according to your specification, for the user to display fabrics, wall coverings, curtains, paints, veneers, etc. We could deliver either Hanger caps for your collections, arranged and set by you, or complete waterfall Hangers with fabrics zig-zag cut or overlocked, labeled and packed appropriately.

In TED Design, we are proud of our highly skilled and trained people and developed technologies allowing us to produce craft products of very high quality and excellence, exceeding what is usually achieved by competitors

Some of our clients:


"We have excellent partnership with TED Design. They fully meet our requirements in terms of quality producing our sample books! It is a pleasure working with their team on our new projects, too.”

Sylke Mikolajczak, Head of Marketing, DELIUS