TED Design

TED Design is a young company, part of the big group of TED Capital companies. The business idea behind its founding was to acquire one of the most successful firms in the production of textile books, hangers, shade cards and other accessories used in the promotion of textile and wallpaper companies.

The acquisition of Nik Style 47 took place at the end of 2019. Currently, TED Design has the ambition to grow and develop the company by introducing improvements in many ways: investment in new machines and technology, adding new people to the team, developing new products and new marketing strategies.

We believe that with the expertise and support of the other companies in our big group, we will be able to lift to a new level the key competitive advantages of the TED Design: excellent quality, flexibility and surprisingly competitive pricing. (Read more…)

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Some of our clients:


"We have excellent partnership with TED Design. They fully meet our requirements in terms of quality producing our sample books! It is a pleasure working with their team on our new projects, too.”

Sylke Mikolajczak, Head of Marketing, DELIUS