Fabric Pattern Books

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A sizable chunk of TED Design output is made over design and production of fabric pattern books.

Not surprisingly, over the years the company has built up an amazing wealth of jealously-guarded expertise and has become a leader in Europe in this highly specialized field.

Nowadays, our customers are the major household names in fabric and décor sector, leaders in their respective fields who would never compromise on quality.

TED Design Pattern book services include:

  • Design and production of fabric pattern books
  • Foil blocking
  • Pattern cards
  • Pattern co-ordination books
  • Silkscreen printing
  • File cases and binders
  • Interior décor swatches

Some of our clients:


"We have excellent partnership with TED Design. They fully meet our requirements in terms of quality producing our sample books! It is a pleasure working with their team on our new projects, too.”

Sylke Mikolajczak, Head of Marketing, DELIUS